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L'Echo - Belgium | Friday, January 15, 2016

EU is ideal territory for car lobby

Shares in all carmakers took a plunge on Thursday following rumours of manipulated emissions at French carmaker Renault. Trust in the automotive industry is still at a low, the business daily L'Echo concludes and calls for politicians and carmakers to redouble their efforts here: "In Europe, a compromise that was already decided in October will allow cars to continue emitting emissions. … Two times more azote oxide than the authorized limits. So we find ourselves in what is almost a dream situation for the lobbyists. Either the text is blocked and the new tests that are supposed to reduce the gaps between the laboratory tests and the real traffic conditions will be rejected once again. Or the text is passed and they will have the right to continue to emit twice as much azote oxide as foreseen. A surreal situation, which distances the people even more from the carmakers and the confidence they could accord to them."

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