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Spiegel Online - Germany | Friday, January 8, 2016

Wolfgang Münchau prefers Brits to Poles and Hungarians in the EU

In addition to a Brexit the EU is also facing a new conflict between Eastern and Western Europe given the EU politicians' criticism of the government in Warsaw, columnist Wolfgang Münchau writes on news website Spiegel Online. Yet in comparison to the governments in Warsaw and Budapest the British are true Europeans, he argues: "If you look at Orbán and Kaczynski you suddenly realise that we have a lot more in common with the British. There may also be an ultra-conservative party in the UK, Ukip, but in the last election it imploded. British politics consist, even more so than here, of a contest between a conservative and a social democratic party. [London's] disagreements with EU partners are resolved in negotiations, not through unilateral decisions. The British respect the existing laws. They want to change them, not break them. … With the benefit of hindsight I myself consider the EU's eastwards expansion to have been a huge mistake. Countries were made members that don't give a fig for European integration. Compared with them, the British are absolute team players."

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