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Hürriyet - Turkey | Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ankara's Kurdish problem blocking Syria solution

The Syria policies of Russia and the US are converging in the fight against the IS terrorist organisation, the conservative daily Hürriyet observes: "While Russia is stepping up its attacks against the IS, the US is becoming more flexible regarding Assad. ... In addition, the 'Vienna peace plan' - that is the pursuit of a political solution in Syria - has brought about closer cooperation between the US and Russia. .. Ankara knows that, and has for this reason agreed to a transitional solution with Assad. It also knows that the US and Russia agree on the topic of the [Syrian-Kurdish militia] PYD. Now Ankara is sending soldiers to Mossul to train the Peshmerga fighters under the Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani. In this way Ankara is strengthening the rivals of those on whom the coalition relies as a local power base [against the IS]. ... Taking a wider view, it's clear that the PYD will be the toughest nut for Turkey."

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