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Kas jauns - Latvia | Saturday, December 5, 2015

A theatre director with an odd anti-refugee stance

The well-known theatre director Alvis Hermanis has cancelled a production scheduled to be performed in April 2016 at Hamburg's Thalia Theater in protest at the theatre's support for refugees. Theatre critic Silvija Ratzobe finds his position very odd considering his own status: "On the one hand we could congratulate Alvis Hermanis for not being afraid to express his views in public. On the other hand let's not forget: our theatre director works in Germany, the people there have been good enough to offer him a job, he enjoys popularity as a director, has a good name and earns a lot of money. And yet he's a foreigner, he's not a German national, and if he's there in the first place it's only because he was offered an interesting, well-paid job. In that light his current behaviour is strange indeed."

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