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Le Monde - France | Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Negotiating table instead of bombs for Syria

As in Libya and Iraq, the conflict in Syria cannot be solved with weapons alone, political scientist Guillaume Devin writes in the daily Le Monde, and calls for renewed diplomatic efforts: "Even an enlarged, punitive military coalition won't be enough, and can at best only be a temporary measure before new tensions arise. The crisis in Syria is first and foremost of a political and social nature. At this point in time the negotiating table has more advantages than carpet bombing. The escalation must be stopped. While this can only be achieved at an unsatisfactory price, it would nevertheless bring about a phase of relative stability and allow the political forces to regain their bearings. Democracies have long years of experience in reaching difficult domestic compromises. Now it is time for their diplomats to make their voices heard and set an example at an international level."

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