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Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Germany's Syria mission lacks clear mandate

The German cabinet approved a military mission with German troops in Syria on Tuesday. The Bundestag will start discussing the mandate on Wednesday. The government's mandate seeks support not only for France, but also for Iraq and the international alliance. The plan is faulty, the conservative daily Die Welt believes: "Any country that sends soldiers to war has a duty to provide a clear legal justification, backed up by security policy reasoning and mission objectives. None of that is to be found in the draft mandate. For lack of a suitable mandate from the UN Security Council, various resolutions have been cobbled together willy-nilly. ... In this way the government is having us stumble awkwardly into an adventure with no clear outcome. Germany is not a play-maker here, but is adapting to France's expectations. That opens it up to being taken in by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has a clear interest in this conflict, namely his influence in the Middle East."

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