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15min - Lithuania | Monday, November 16, 2015

Only war can help against this terror

The international community must finally wage war on the IS terrorist militia, writes journalist Paulius Gritėnas on the online portal 15min: "It is sad, but [after Charlie Hebdo] France - and the world - needed yet another ghastly warning to finally pull themselves together and stop entrusting the war against the IS terrorists to the confused Iraqi army and Syria's scattered groups. ... I very much hope that now something will change and that a war will be waged. That's what the Islamist radicals deserve. They deserve the death that they have inflicted upon their victims. ... No, ladies and gentlemen, no Minsk Agreement or polite negotiations will help here. Radical Islam is facing the world with challenge after challenge, and the answer, in my view, is simply: war, just war."

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