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Le Monde - France | Thursday, November 12, 2015

British referendum an opportunity for the EU

The referendum on Britain's remaining in the EU initiated by Prime Minister David Cameron could strengthen the resolve of the community of states vis-à-vis Eurosceptics, comments Mark Leonard, head of the European Council on Foreign Relations, in the centre-left daily Le Monde: "The current reform proposals are reasonable and pertinent, also for the rest of Europe. ... The negotiations in connection with the UK referendum present a rare opportunity to re-legitimise Europe. If at the end of the day the British vote 'YES', this referendum could turn out to be a rare democratic blessing for Europe, and one that is much needed after the debacles of the French and Dutch referendums in 2005. In finding solutions for Britain's problems and in negotiating sensible reforms, Europe could successfully clip the wings of the Eurosceptics and stop Marine Le Pen and her counterparts in other states from demanding similar referendums elsewhere."

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