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Polityka - Poland | Thursday, October 29, 2015

PiS wants to control Polish media

Poland's new governing party, the national conservative PiS, wants to transform the state broadcasters into 'national media' starting 2016, according to statements by a member of parliament. To that end senior posts there are to be filled by PiS supporters, for example. The centre-left news magazine Polityka voices deep concern: "The right plans to reform the media 'in the national spirit'. In so doing it is assuming the right to speak in the name of the entire nation and to define just what 'national' is. What right does it have to do that? It is acting on the basis of its election victory, but in fact only one in six Poles voted for it. The problem is that these 'national media' will become nothing more than organs of the PiS, and will exclude from public debate all those who don't share the party's opinions. Of course, for the political right that's a good thing, but for society as a whole it's problematic. The dominance of a single party will ruin all society."

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