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Duma - Bulgaria | Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Balkan summit a rotten deal for Balkan states

The measures agreed on at the crisis summit put the Balkan countries in a very difficult situation, the left-leaning daily Duma believes: "Juncker basically wants the refugees to be kept in the Balkan countries. How else are we to understand his statement that the current 'policy of waving refugees through' is unacceptable? What he didn't say, however, is what we should do with the hundreds of thousands of people who don't want to stay a day longer than they have to in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia or elsewhere on the Balkan route, and who are putting all their energy into getting to Germany, Austria, Sweden and so on. Should we arrest them, lock them up, put them in concentration camps and have them whipped? And if not, what then? ... Bulgaria already once served as the bloody threshold on which the Ottomans' advance on Europe came to a halt. Our country can do without history repeating itself a second time."

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