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Delo - Slovenia | Monday, October 26, 2015

Exodus to Europe: Culture of welcoming does not go far

Yesterday's special meeting on the future of the Balkan route failed to produce any results, the centre-left daily Delo complains, saying the EU has failed utterly in the refugee crisis: "So far the battle against the crisis has been a complete washout. The decisions and apparent solutions are still a long way from being implemented. … And in the wider context too, the EU is powerless because other regional and global players are influencing the stabilisation and peace process in the Middle East. To survive this crisis, sooner or later the EU will have to take unpleasant measures that have little to do with a welcoming culture. Applying its Fortress Europe logic it will be forced to step up border protection and systematically deport people. … Then the task at hand will no longer be managing a chaotic exodus via the Balkans but the organised resettlement of the chosen ones. This won't do anything to lessen the refugees' tragedy."

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