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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Monday, October 26, 2015

Exodus to Europe: EU turning the Balkans into transit zone

Twelve European states at a summit in Brussels agreed on Monday morning on a 17-point plan for managing the refugee crisis. Among other things 100,000 places in reception centres are to be set up along the Balkan route. The Balkans are now being made to pay the consequences of Europe's policy of turning refugees away, the left-wing daily taz criticises: "The Balkans are to become a transit zone in which the 'legitimate' refugees are sorted from those who 'have no chance' of receiving asylum, and the latter are deported. … Instead of allowing the refugees to pass from one country to another as has been done so far the Balkan states are now to keep them in so-called 'hotspots'. … It doesn't make things any better that the UN Refugee Agency is supposed to help set up the network. Everything points to the UN being used as a humanitarian cover for a ruthless 'fortress Europe' policy. Because despite their cynical overtures to President Recep Erdoğan Juncker and Merkel still haven't managed to stem the flow of refugees, the Balkan states will now be made to do the dirty work."

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