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Yeni Şafak - Turkey | Tuesday, October 6, 2015

EU just using Erdoğan

The EU is only making overtures to Erdoğan because this serves its own interests, writes the pro-government daily Yeni Şafak commenting on the Turkish president's visit to Brussels: "Until just a few hours ago the European media had written thousands of articles and commentaries on the need to 'tackle' Erdoğan's dictatorship, tyranny, betrayal and despotism. Now all of a sudden they see Erdoğan as the political leader they need. Europe urgently needs Erdoğan on the one hand because Russia has started an offensive outside the area that comprised the former Soviet Union for the first time and on the other hand to halt the Syrian refugees outside the EU's borders. … The EU is a community of countries that has established political, economic and cultural hegemony as the only criterion for its own values and is increasingly closing itself to the outside world. However, that makes it impossible for it to be the voice of universal humaneness."

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