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Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Avoid repeating Afghanistan mistakes in Syria

The Taliban recaptured the Afghani provincial capital of Kunduz on Monday. What is happening now in Afghanistan should be a warning for the anti-terror coalition in Syria, the conservative daily Die Welt warns: "Less than a year after the withdrawal of the combat troops the Islamist militia has become so strong that it is laying waste to the administrative and political centres in the regions and fomenting insecurity, instability and unpredictability. … In view of the countless Afghans who are coming to us each day it would be simply stupid to believe that what happens in that country has nothing to do with us. Before we create another Afghanistan in Syria we should remember: there's no such thing as a little peace. It takes decades and intensive commitment to stabilise a country where there is a civil war. Short-term alliances with militias and dictatorships only aggravate the situation. There is no alternative to the slow and difficult rebuilding of a functioning state."

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