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Blog Pitsirikos - Greece | Monday, August 24, 2015

Tsipras is the oligarchs' favourite

Blogger Pitsirikos points out that Alexis Tsipras will have the support of the media moguls in the early election in Greece, and harshly criticises him for it: "Before the election in January 2015 Tsipras said he would get rid of the oligarchs. Yet now, shortly before the election in September 2015, Tsipras is the oligarchs' favourite. … Since the vote on the austerity programme, Tsipras has closed ranks with the oligarchs, the management boards of television companies and the publishers. … Alexis, yes we can. ('Yes we can' is the campaign slogan of Syriza, or rather what's left of the party. A nice slogan, albeit a little abstract. What can we? The correct slogan would be: 'We can deceive you once more.')."

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