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Dnevnik - Slovenia | Monday, August 24, 2015

Tsipras is a guarantee for stability

Alexis Tsipras has good chances of winning a strong government mandate at the early elections in Greece, according to the centre-left daily newspaper Dnevnik: "It seems paradoxical that Tspiras is still popular among the population and that they still support him. Despite the fact that Tsipras took the state on a carousel ride of uncertainty, he is still a guarantee for stability - not only for the Greeks, but also for the EU. He described the harsh austerity measures of the third financial package as the beginning of profound changes; clientelism would see its final hour, he said. 'Teflon Prime Minister' Tspiras has a good chance of consolidating his power in the elections. The EU has cultivated a 'reformer' who is not only popular with the people, but to whom there is no current alternative on the greek political stage.

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