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Duma - Bulgaria | Friday, August 21, 2015

Slovakia right to reject Muslims

Slovakia has announced that it does not want to accept Muslim refugees on the grounds that there are no mosques in the country. The left-leaning daily Duma understands the Slovakians' fears and believes the tolerance limit will soon be reached in the rest of Europe: "The Muslims want to maintain their culture, language, customs and religion in their 'new home' at all cost. They seal themselves off and see themselves as a separate, independent society. There are endless examples of this in Europe, which has recently reacted with growing annoyance to this trend. Instead of welcoming Islam with open arms, things will no doubt cool off in the weeks and months to come. This tendency can already be felt. Sooner or later the Europeans will wake up and see that they are the victims of a doctrine that no longer has anything to do with the idea of the European Union as a community of sovereign states. Hopefully Slovakians won't be forced to build mosques, but who knows."

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