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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | Friday, August 21, 2015

Favourable wind blowing for Tsipras

Tsipras is playing his hand like a poker player and looks set to win the next round, the daily La Libre Belgique comments: "Even before getting his cards, a player has to take stock of how much he can bet. Transposed to Tsipras's terrain, this indicates that the winner of seven months ago should also take the next elections. Without an opposition that's able to get the better of Syriza and without a genuine programmatic debate, the real risk Tsipras faces comes from his own far-left party. …  There, too, the context seems to favour Tsipras: short of resigning en masse and creating a party that starts over from scratch, the Syriza MPs who no longer give the government their vote of confidence can only campaign for their own party, and therefore for Tsipras."

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