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Syriza leader risking his popularity

Alexis Tsipras is sending the Greeks back to the polling stations before they are confronted with the repercussions of the new austerity memorandum and he loses his popular support, the liberal website Protagon writes: "The elections will be held before the people receive notification of the new property tax (which Tsipras had wanted to abolish), before pensions are slashed (which Tsipras had considered taboo), and before taxpayers receive their tax assessments. ... His main reason for holding new elections now is to catch the other parties off guard and limit the damage that comes from being in power - in the hope that he will still be the one making the decisions after the elections. ... So far the prospects seem favourable. But that could change. In Tsipras's case the old adage could hold: 'The thief gets away once, then twice, but the third time he gets caught."

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