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Kurier - Austria | Monday, August 17, 2015

No one trying to end war in Syria

Refugees won't stop coming to Europe until the problems that drive them to leave their own countries are solved, but the international community doesn't seem to care much, writes the liberal newspaper Kurier: "For more than four years now war has raged in Syria. And for more than four years there has been not a single serious international initiative to stop the madness. Syrian refugees, this much is certain, will keep coming to Europe as long as the war continues. Austria alone can't exert much pressure but the EU as a whole is capable of more. But hello? Is the UN still there? Or the world policeman, the US? - or even the leadership in Moscow? The idea of peacemaking has clearly been buried under a mountain of special interests pursued by the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran in Syria."

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