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La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, August 17, 2015

Adriano Sofri calls for all refugees to be taken in

Differentiating between political refugees and economic migrants is not a viable approach, criticises Italian intellectual Adriano Sofri in the centre-left daily La Repubblica, using the phenomenon of migratory birds to make his point: "Birds that tend to migrate from the north to the south in the search for food and the right climate are 'economic migrants'. Those that flee areas which humans have turned into hostile, if not deadly places for them are 'refugees'. Let us learn from this comparison: to try to stop people from migrating is like trying to stop swallows from flying southwards and then returning. … Modern society is responsible for migration because it has destroyed the conditions for a decent life in the areas of origin. This means that it is in these places where it should take action. The same goes for people as for robins and wild ducks: taking in all those who knock at our door without differentiating between economic migrants and asylum seekers is our moral duty."

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