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Puls - Germany | Friday, August 14, 2015

Assuage the people's fears of refugees

A bus driver in Franconia spoke in his best English to welcome 15 asylum seekers to Germany at the start of a bus journey, and the scene went viral on social media. Puls, the youth magazine of the public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, interviewed the man. It is symptomatic of the vague fears felt by many Germans that he used to sympathise with the anti-asylum group AfD, the magazine explains: "There are many people in Germany like this bus driver in Erlangen. People who are scared of ending up on welfare, and whose only contact with the state is arguing with the case workers at the job centre, feel abandoned. … And so they end up joining some mob to raise their right arms in front of asylum homes. Or they say: in spite everything, I have nothing against asylum seekers, they are probably worse off than me. … Of course people will understandably feel anxious about having a home for refugees in their part of town. But it's up to the politicians to assuage their fears."

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