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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iran remains a terrorist state

Iran will remain dangerous even after the signing of the agreement, the conservative daily De Telegraaf warns: "Rather than being dismantled, Iran's nuclear facilities will simply remain as they are. Tehran will also have the opportunity to object to planned inspections, after which time consuming negotiations will take place. And its scientists will be able to continue their nuclear research, although it's unclear whether they will be obliged to give information about their activities in developing nuclear weapons. All things considered it's a risky agreement, and it's more than questionable whether the six world powers will really be able to put an end to Iran's nuclear ambitions. ... Iran remains a terrorist state at heart, ruled by leaders under the spell of an apocalyptic ideology. In this respect it is risky indeed that its nuclear programme won't be completely stopped and dismantled."

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