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Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Europe must stop doting on its problem children

Europe should part ways with its problem children and follow a self-assured path to economic excellence, the conservative daily Die Welt urges: "Instead of gingerly and guiltily defending economic success, the EU should proclaim even louder that the (for the most part) luxurious living standards in Europe must be fought for on a day-to-day basis in the global competition. For years Europe has hindered its own progress by caring - and paying - for its problem children, instead of developing itself as a high-wage region and cultural landscape where excellence is the order of the day. ... Europe is a cultural and economic success story. The majority of Europeans put ambition above redistribution. Hence European consolidation is only possible in the form of an association of sovereign - and in particular economically sovereign - states. Merkel must now do something she's not particularly good at: stop moderating and take a risk. She must put herself at the forefront of progress. With like-minded people for a Europe of excellence."

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