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Kathimerini - Greece | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Macho airs hurting Athens' credibility

Athens must change its negotiating tactics once and for all, the conservative daily Kathimerini urges: "Much of the European establishment - and not just in Berlin - sees Greece as a lost cause. That may be unjustified, but that's how it is. The empty geopolitical threats have backfired. As Oxford professor Kalipso Nikolaidi said yesterday, it's better for the others to say 'Careful, Greece will collapse' than for Athens to use that as an argument. ... The macho airs of the Greek government work at home, but abroad they destroy everything. And in the end each episode of the negotiations has repercussions for the country's credibility and its leaders. Now the time has come for Tsipras to show firstly that he wants to reach an acceptable agreement, and secondly that he can implement it."

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