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Blog Pitsirikos - Greece | Sunday, May 24, 2015

Only thing that can help Greeks is bankruptcy

The head of the EU's ESM bailout fund, Klaus Regling, warned last week that Greece is facing bankruptcy. If Greece were to go bankrupt at least it would serve to make clear to the Greeks how bad their situation really is, blogger Pitsirikos comments sarcastically: "Five years after the country received its first bailout most Greeks still don't realised what a state the country is in. There are many who believe we'll soon experience more 'golden years' like those before 2008. Naturally the left-wing Syriza alliance is also responsible for this because it promised the voters so much even though it knew that it wouldn't be able to keep them if the country was to stay in the Eurozone. ... Greek society is only interested in money. I hope our insolvent country will soon officially go bankrupt. It would do Greek society good and finally lead to meaningful and sensible changes."

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