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Ziare - Romania | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Romania's embarrassing map faux pas

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Monday handed his German counterpart Frank Walter Steinmeier a document on which Germany was mistakenly shown as occupying France's national territory. A fatal mistake, the news portal Ziare concludes: "The worst thing about this incident is that it reveals a ridiculous amateurism on our part. ... What international significance can we have if we make such crude mistakes? Did none of the employees at the Romanian foreign ministry whose hands this brochure passed through realise that it was France? ... Our geographical location gives us the chance to be an important player alongside Poland. But we can only assume this role if we have a professional, visionary, bold and fearless foreign policy. It is based not only on a competent minister but also on a functioning ministry with real specialists who can distinguish geographically between Germany and France."

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