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Webcafé - Bulgaria | Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ivaylo Dichev on the undeclared wars of the 21st century

When was the last time one country officially declared war on another? Cultural anthropologist Ivaylo Dichev wonders on the online portal Webcafé with the military confrontations in eastern Ukraine in mind: "In the past 50 years innumerable bloody conflicts have broken out between states. However what motivated them wasn't the will of one state to conquer another, but an internal conflict in which one side called on a big brother to intervene. ... The Russians don't plan to occupy Ukraine, they want to help the Russian separatists in Ukraine to gain power. The Americans don't plan to conquer Iraq, which they've now laboriously abandoned. The idea behind military interventions is no longer conquering territory: that doesn't pay off any more. ... The problem is that there's no end to these undeclared wars because there are no longer any peace treaties. Who would sign them, and with whom? We've entered a new era of chronic anonymous conflicts between faceless belligerents."

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