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La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, January 26, 2015

Ukraine needs Dayton-style negotiations

Europe needs to fight for an agreement along the lines of the Dayton Accords to end the war in Ukraine, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica demands: "The comparison with Stalingrad, where Hitler's Russian campaign ended in disaster, doesn't work here. It would be more fitting to compare the Ukraine conflict with the Balkan wars where the combination of regular troops and paramilitary groups multiplied the violence and ethnic hatred and led to incessant massacres of innocent civilians. As in the Balkans someone needs to force a negotiated solution: a new Dayton. (The military base in which Clinton locked the belligerent presidents of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia until they signed the agreement). ... Today it is above all Europe that needs to muster the cohesion, political courage and constructive spirit for concerted action. ... Because Ukraine is above all a European war, just as the Balkan wars were also European wars."

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