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Revista 22 - Romania | Monday, December 29, 2014

Russia seeks ideological confrontation

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his people are generally united by a pact in which Putin ensures prosperity and in exchange the Russian people accept his autocratic regime, but with the annexation of Crimea and the sanctions imposed by the EU Putin has changed his course, the weekly paper Revista 22 notes: "Putin demands of his people that they support the geopolitical confrontation against a hostile West that wants to destroy Russia. ... But why does Russia believe this? Because this confrontation lends Moscow geopolitical clout. ... Moreover, for Moscow the threat from the West is not military but of a different nature: the Ukrainian and Western societal model is irreconcilable with the current political regime in Moscow. ... Therefore the Kremlin is trying to wrap up the geopolitical confrontation in an ideological package. Because what this confrontation is really about is fundamentally changing the status quo that has prevailed for the last 25 years in Europe."

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