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The New York Times - U.S. | Thursday, December 18, 2014

Global perspectives: Russians paying for Putin's disastrous policies

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a press conference on Thursday that the fall in oil prices was mainly responsible for his country's financial crisis. The left-liberal daily The New York Times contradicts this view and urges him to radically change his course in economic and foreign policy: "The blame for this [crisis] rests largely with the disastrous policies of President Vladimir Putin, who has consistently put his ego, his territorial ambitions and the financial interests of his cronies ahead of the needs of his country. ... The sensible thing for Mr. Putin to do would be to withdraw from Ukraine. This would bring immediate relief from sanctions, and that would ease the current crisis and give officials room to start fixing the country's economic problems. The question is whether this reckless leader has been sufficiently chastened to change course."

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