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The Times - United Kingdom | Sunday, December 14, 2014

Torture legitimate in fight against terror

British MPs want access to the blacked-out passages in the US Senate's report on CIA torture practices in order to assess the involvement of the British intelligence service. The ill-treatment of terror suspects is justified if it prevents terror attacks, the conservative daily The Times writes: "The real moral issue, here, though, is whether such techniques can ever be justified even if they are effective. ... But sometimes it is a moral imperative to use limited ill-treatment if the purpose is to save innocent lives. If the alternatives are the prolonged sleep deprivation of a shackled and hooded detainee or a dirty bomb in the middle of Birmingham, which would you choose? It's like the distinction between murder and war. Killing is wrong - except in a just war, where it becomes essential in order to avoid the murder of the innocent."

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