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Le Soir - Belgium | Thursday, December 11, 2014

Europe has dirtied its hands

Europe's role in the CIA's interrogation methods must be clarified, the liberal daily Le Soir demands: "In Europe as elsewhere, human rights are being set aside in favour of security precautions. The war on terror all too often upsets the balance between the two. The US Senate has courageously looked into the CIA's sometimes horrific practices in the aftermath of 9/11. The European Union would do well to follow this example of democratic transparency. In the dark years that followed September 11, numerous European states did in fact help the American agency do its dirty work. According to the European Parliament, three countries (Poland, Rumania and Lithuania) even allowed the CIA to set up secret detention centres on their territory that existed entirely outside the law. All of this must now be investigated. There is no such thing as important and unimportant human rights."

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