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La Stampa - Italy | Monday, December 8, 2014

Roberto Toscano calls for calm reaction to Putin

Europe and the West must act judiciously regarding Russia's president because they are partially to blame for his aggressive policies and rhetoric, political scientist Roberto Toscano warns in the liberal daily La Stampa: "We have committed a grave political mistake by underestimating Russia's interests, the matter of its security (in connection with the idea of Ukraine joining Nato) and its national pride. We have given Putin an excuse for his revanchism. To give in to Putin's aggressive policy would do as little good as to get into a panic. Rather we should remain calm and stick to the goal of a diplomatic solution. Diplomacy can only be credible if it goes hand in hand with the necessary resolve to help Ukraine to consolidate both economically and in terms of its political institutions. ... There will be a Russia after Putin. ... A Russia that despite all the Eurasian projects belongs historically and culturally to Europe, and which will one day belong to Europe economically and politically once more."

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