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Le Monde - France | Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Le Pen reaps the benefits of state scandals

France continues to debate alleged intrigues against Nicolas Sarkozy: according to revelations by the daily Le Monde, former conservative party colleagues requested that the current government step up its investigations against the ex-president. Only Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National, stands to gain from this affair, the liberal daily now writes: "She rub her hands in glee. Week after week the events unfold as if the executive and the opposition were handing her a stick to beat them with. Whatever the political and legal consequences, this scandal is a boon for the leader of the FN. In addition to the huge unpopularity of the president, it combines all the ingredients that encourage defiance regarding the political leaders: a right fractured by unexplainable, reheated hostilities in which anything seems permitted; an executive which, through incompetence, amateurishness or - why not - small-time Machiaveliansim, commits faux pas after faux pas. ... The table has been laid for Le Pen: all she needs to do is serve herself."

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