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Contributors - Romania | Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stronger Nato presence in Eastern Europe

In view of the Ukraine crisis, an action plan for stepping up security in member countries is to be worked out at the Nato summit taking place in Wales on September 4 and 5. Political scientist Valentin Naumescu voices hopes in the blog portal Contributors that a permanent Nato base will be set up in Southeast Europe: "Can a single base like the one in Poland guarantee the security of the region stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea? Of course not. Simple logic tells us that you need at least two big bases: one in the north (Poland), and one in the south, for example in Romania. How great is the risk of a Russian attack on a Nato member state? So far it has been assessed as low. ... But what about insidious conflicts like in Ukraine? What about the supposed support of the Russian minorities in the Baltic states? ... Must Nato and the EU provide a credible response to these new 21st century threats? Certainly. At least until Russia regains its credibility on the international stage - perhaps after the Putin era."

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