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L'Opinion - France | Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A bad sign for democracy

The arrest of a former president is so unusual that it also raises questions about whether the steps taken by the French judiciary are justified, the liberal business paper L'Opinion suggests: "Are the judges getting their own back against the man who so often pushed them around? Could it be that their agenda directly reflects the political calendar? ... Do the various affairs, each of which leads to new ones - with the result that no sooner are cases submitted to the courts than they are dismissed - bespeak a well-functioning judiciary? Will the mounting number of cases shake the faith of Sarkozy's supporters? ... These profound doubts give rise to feelings of unease. In a sick country, where negative economic and social developments are the order of the day, the suspicions that pervade all spheres of public life have convinced many citizens that politics is a lost cause. This does not bode well for democracy."

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