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Financial Times - United Kingdom | Tuesday, July 1, 2014

UMP needs new candidate

Not just because of his legal problems but also because of his poor performance as president, the UMP would be ill advised to make Nicolas Sarkozy its leading candidate in the 2017 presidential elections, the conservative daily the Financial Times comments: "Mr Sarkozy's supporters insist he can overcome his legal difficulties and provide the centre-right with a credible challenger for the presidency. But even assuming he can clear his name, Mr Sarkozy is not the man for the job. ... His presidency was damaged by hyperactivity and by a vainglorious image that led to him being dubbed 'President Bling-Bling'. Despite his pledge to implement a significant reform programme - a proclaimed 'rupture' with the past - he fell short, failing to match words with deeds. The centre-right should look to other, less flawed, figures as a future presidential candidate."

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