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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Friday, June 13, 2014

Iraq bodes no good for Afghanistan

The advance of Isil in Iraq is a warning to all those who were still hoping things would take a turn for the better in Afghanistan, the conservative daily De Telegraaf observes: "Get ready for what will happen soon in Afghanistan. Because Iraq is effectively the blueprint for Afghanistan: occupation followed by gradual withdrawal of international and above all American troops. And the simultaneous building up of the country's police force and army. ... Prime Minister al-Maliki, who is largely responsible for the chaos in his country, must now return to Washington with his tail between his legs. He wants the US to drive away the rebels with air strikes. ... But Obama is also to blame for the disaster. The restraint he has promoted is encouraging radical movements in the Middle East. There they only heed the whip, not common sense."

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