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Le Journal du Centre - France | Tuesday, May 27, 2014

French conservatives on the edge of the abyss

In the latest episode of the Bygmalion affair, which has shaken the conservative UMP to its roots in France, the lawyer of the PR agency that received preferential treatment has admitted that the agency received faked invoices from the party. It appears that these were used to cover up vast over-spending on Nicholas Sarkozy's 2012 election campaign. For the regional daily Le Journal du Centre, the UMP is in free fall: "In this 'war of checks', it remains to be seen who knew what - and signed what - when. ... In any event, no doubt much to the relief of Jean-François Copé, Nicholas Sarkozy is now also in the crosshairs of the UMP's snipers. ... We risk witnessing the destruction of an opposition party that has proved unable to avoid the traps set for it by a presidential monarchy that has fanned an untimely rivalry for the office of president. In the current context one has a hard time seeing how Jean-François Copé could remain at the helm of the UMP. But it's even harder to see who could succeed him in such a morass."

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