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Daily Mail - United Kingdom | Thursday, December 5, 2013

Romanians not robbing British of their jobs

Romania's Minister of Labour Mariana Campeanu on Wednesday rejected accusations that her countrymen were taking away jobs from young Britons. As of 1 January 2014, free movement of workers within the EU will also apply to Bulgarians and Romanians. Columnist Max Hastings writes in The Daily Mail that the British should be glad that the Romanians do the jobs they themselves no longer want to do: "Our hospitals would collapse tomorrow without immigrant labour - including Romanians - because scarcely any young British person is willing to change dressings or empty bedpans. ... Only a relatively small minority of the newcomers will come to claim benefits or embark on careers in crime. Most want to live here because they can take up a host of jobs that our own young people are unwilling or unfit to do. Romania's labour minister is right: this sorry state of affairs is not her country's embarrassment, but ours."

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