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Duma - Bulgaria | Friday, November 29, 2013

Bulgaria disappointed and betrayed by the West

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to limit the free movement of workers for Bulgarians and Romanians even after January 2014, and has now gained support from Paris and Berlin for this initiative. The daily newspaper Duma is deeply disappointed, and accuses the rich EU countries of discrimination: "If this isn't a two-speed Europe - the poor south against the rich north - then what is? What about equal opportunities? What will become of the common European edifice for which we're all striving?! London, Paris, Berlin and all the rest of you who are speaking out against immigrants: you know full well that we're not second class citizens, so why do you treat us as if we were? And why didn't you say anything when you skimmed off the cream of our society: the highly qualified workers?"

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