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Blog Gavin Hewitt's Europe - United Kingdom | Monday, November 25, 2013

Hard times an argument against free movement

British Prime Minister David Cameron is considering limiting the access of Romanians and Bulgarians to the UK's labour market even beyond 1 January 2014. He's certainly in a position to take on Brussels on this issue now, Gavin Hewitt, the BBC's Europe editor, writes on his blog:"The freedom to move and work in the EU is regarded as a core achievement. Many have taken advantage of it. But times are difficult and unemployment remains stubbornly high. Despite the billions that have been spent on trying to reduce the inequality between countries like Romania and Bulgaria and the rest of the EU, the standards of living are very different...... Defiance is a big step, and the UK may have a significant number of allies if it seeks temporary relief from the lifting of restrictions on 1 January."

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