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Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prostitution an important valve for society

The call by the German feminist Alice Schwarzer for punters to be penalised, as well as a corruption affair surrounding a hotel used by prostitutes in Zurich have sparked a debate about prostitution in Switzerland. The argument in favour of fighting human trafficking with a ban on sex work is backward and wrong, the right-wing conservative daily Basler Zeitung writes: "This argument is about as satisfying as a prostitute who yodels on the job. A definitive ban on prostitution would lead to just one thing: even more prostitution. The result wouldn't be a society that's better in some way, but just one that's more dishonest. An uncontrollable dark zone would emerge in which prostitutes would have fewer rights than Swiss cattle. It's never a good idea to close a society's pressure relief valve, because then pressure from the social magma could increase to the point of causing an uncontrollable eruption. ... Valves are not the downfall of a society, but its very survival."

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