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El País - Spain | Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Xenophobia from the heart of Europe

The British government has presented a new immigration law foreseeing a series of tougher measures against irregular immigration, which is to go into force in the spring of 2014. Xenophobia is becoming acceptable in Europe, the left-liberal daily El País fears: "The way things are going in Europe, it doesn't even have to be the xenophobic parties that win popular support and fill the seats of the European Parliament with people who hold narrow-minded, Eurosceptic views. No, it's enough for the traditional political formations to seize on these ideas so as not to lose votes. Now the British have joined the Socialist government in France and its minister of the interior Manual Valls. The Tories under David Cameron have dedicated themselves to the fight against illegal immigration - although when he moved into Downing Street Cameron was still propagating a compassionate conservatism. And for their part the Liberals and the Labour Party remain silent and permit it."

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