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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweden right to stigmatise punters

The trial of a couple charged with having forced numerous women into prostitution is currently under way in Stockholm. But to stop prostitution you have to fight not only human trafficking but also the purchase of sexual services, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter writes, praising Swedish practice: "Prosecutors stress that Sweden is relatively untroubled by prostitution. Johan Christiansson, a social worker who works with men who go to prostitutes, cites studies according to which 89 percent of Swedish men have never seriously toyed with the idea. The situation in countries like Germany, Denmark, France and the Netherlands is very different indeed. The good track record in Sweden is above all thanks to our prostitution law [which makes it illegal to purchase sexual services]. ... The less normal it is to buy sex, the more men who do so are stigmatised. If you want to eradicate prostitution altogether, it's better to concentrate on the demand than on the supply."

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