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Le Monde - France | Thursday, October 17, 2013

The EU has too little power

Right-wing populists and opponents of the euro look set to have a strong showing in the European elections in May 2014, according to opinion polls. Europe is unpopular and not very successful because the nation states retain too much decision-making power, the left-liberal daily Le Monde comments: "The European project is being defeated and undermined by the irresponsible way in which its institutions have been devitalised. To whose benefit? That of the so-called 'intergovernmental' method. ... The sovereigntist school has gained ground almost everywhere in Europe. It has influenced the vision of the majority of EU governments, notably Mrs Merkel's. The institutions that embody the Union - the Parliament and the Commission - have been stripped of all initiative, talent and budget. Everything is decided among governments in the European Council, where the 28 heads of state and government meet to hash things out. The result? 'The Europe of the states has put Europe in a bad state', writes the European Member of Parliament Sylvie Goulard. It's hard not to agree with her."

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