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Aftonbladet - Sweden | Friday, October 4, 2013

People should not die at borders

The EU urgently needs to change its refugee policy to prevent more tragedies like that off the coast of Lampedusa, the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet admonishes: "Europe has long since closed off its borders for refugees. There are hardly any legal means left for them to get to Europe. So people are forced to resort to illegal methods and take boats that wouldn't be seaworthy even with a normal burden. The EU's border policies are to blame for the tragedy we are witnessing. With every day that passes without changes to EU policy the risk increases of such a tragedy repeating itself. We have the moral obligation to help people fleeing war, poverty and persecution. The EU must open up more channels for people to come to Europe legally. The border policy must be reformed and made more humane. Today people are dying on Europe's borders. This cannot be allowed to continue."

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