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Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Assad goes unpunished

Despite the evidence turned up by the UN inspectors the Syrian regime will be protected from sanctions for now, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse complains: "In the process of disarmament Assad is inevitably the international community's dialogue partner, putting him back in the diplomatic game. He has Putin's strength and Obama's weakness to thank for this. ... Only dreamers however would believe that Assad will hand over all his chemical weapons by July 2014 for Russia's sake. In the midst of the civil war Syria's rulers has countless possibilities for stalling the work of the UN inspectors. And the threat of military action Obama wants to maintain has already collapsed. The US president is unable to mobilise a majority for a military strike, either in Congress or in the UN Security Council. And Assad is escaping unpunished - as the victor."

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