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Sme - Slovakia | Monday, September 16, 2013

Russia must put Syria under pressure

The US and Russia negotiated an agreement for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons in Geneva on the weekend. The plan is as good as it is ambitious, the liberal daily Sme writes. "There's applause from all sides and it would be well deserved if all the parties involved were to set about putting them into practice with good intentions. ... Syria would not immediately become a safe country. But it could take a first step in this direction. If afterwards the Russians could persuade Assad and the Americans the rebels to sit down at a table and talk, that would be a hundred times more sensible than fighting each other. ... The question is whether all the chemical weapons in an entire country can be brought under control. There are strong doubts. But if the Kremlin is serious about putting pressure on Assad, the agreement is not just sensible but could also achieve results. But that little word 'if' is of crucial importance here."

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